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British Values & SMSC

Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development  

Our aim at Shepherds Down School is to create an environment in which a pupil’s Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural development can flourish. The general ethos of the school as well as the taught curriculum can be used to support pupils to develop an awareness of these crucial aspects of successful and insightful life within the wider society and also to help develop the skills that they will require in order to function as valuable members of their community. In this respect SMSC development will help our pupils to grow and develop as individuals, recognising and respecting their own and others diversity irrespective of their individual areas of educational need. Development of SMSC supports all areas of learning and can contribute to the pupils’ motivation to learn. It is a crucial and integral part of Shepherds Down life.

Promoting British values at Shepherds Down School

British values are promoted through the daily activities at school, the attitudes and modelling of staff and through the taught curriculum.

All children will be encouraged to:

  • Communicate their needs
  • Listen to others
  • Wait and take turns
  • Understand that everyone is unique and different
  • Understand that some actions are right or wrong
  • Show respect for everyone

Some children will be encouraged to:

  • Understand that others may have different views from themselves and each other
  • Share their feelings and views
  • Learn that they choose how they behave and can make good choices
  • Appreciate that everyone is equal
  • Take responsibility around the school and in their own choices

The following activities offer opportunities to promote British values:

  • Circle times
  • Assemblies
  • Student council
  • Outside visitors e.g. police/fire service
  • School and class rules
  • Celebration of achievement
  • Celebrating events e.g. Remembrance day/Harvest
  • ‘Our magical moments’ photo board
  • Fundraising for different charities
  • School café

Some topics will promote British values in the curriculum:

  • RE themes – e.g. looking at different religions
  • PSHE themes
  • Topics – e.g. ‘All about me’, ‘Olympics’
  • History topics and living history



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