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Mini Treasure Hunt

Mini Treasure Hunt

This can be done either inside or outside.
If going outside beyond your own garden please remember the 2m distancing rule.

Give your child a small box or pot. A match box is idea but any other small container will do.
Challenge them to find as many different tiny objects which will fit in their box e.g. a small feather, blade of grass, minuscule shell, pretty stone etc. Talk about colour, texture, size etc. Also talking about relative size of an object. i.e. that feather is too big.

If that is enough then stop there. But there are a few more activities you can do with your mini treasures.

Sort them into different categories such as colour, size, texture etc or make a mini friend.

The idea is to go outside while the sun is shining and have fun collecting.

If it is raining or you cannot go outside you can always do the treasure hunt inside around the house.

Have fun!

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