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Mark Making to Music


Mark Making to Music

What you need.
paper, felt pens, wax crayons, coloured pencils or paints (depending on how messy you want to be), and a selection of music

Everyone could have their own piece of paper or the group could all sit around a long piece of wall paper on the floor. If the weather is good you could do this outside with paints.

Chose a number of tracks which showcase different types of music. Have tracks which vary in tempo, rhythm and mood etc. As you listen to each piece (close your eyes if possible although this is not necessary) and just let the pen move over the paper. Do this with your child or as a family. Change colour pen/crayon/paint for each track .

What is so lovely about this is that that you can totally forget about the final result and concentrate on just enjoying the process.

Please share your results on the school facebook page, we’d love to see them.


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